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Our Approach

Cracking the Code on Locum and Permanent Healthcare Recruitment Demands in Australia and New Zealand

At Paragon Medics, a devotion to service excellence runs through our veins. We are absolutely passionate about empowering healthcare employers in Australasia with the support they need to grow their teams with the most deeply vetted and background-checked medical professionals of all specialties and seniorities. We’re more than just your service provider – we’re your partner and ally in healthcare excellence, giving you peace of mind by effortlessly filling your empty locum and permanent positions with confidence and conviction. Bridge the roster gap and ease the burden of critical staffing shortages by exploring our services below.

Locum Recruitment

When it comes to securing the finest locum doctors in the industry, Paragon Medics knows. With decades of experience under our healthcare recruitment belts, we know what it takes to bridge roster gaps, holiday cover, or even longer-term locum coverage. When you need locum healthcare professionals to bolster your workforce – while filling your team with doctors your clients demand for repeat bookings – then let Paragon Medics connect you to our extensive network spanning all specialisms and seniorities in the public and private healthcare sectors.

Permanent Recruitment

Finding a doctor to add to your esteemed workforce isn’t always as easy as a quick Google. If you want to fill your empty vacancies with experienced and – more importantly – passionate healthcare industry veterans, then think Paragon Medics. From individual to volume-based campaigns, we manage it all in your search for the best specialist and non-specialist doctors in Australia and New Zealand. Only by working with a team as experienced and proficient as ours can you sleep easier knowing you’ll always get the best doctor for the job – guaranteed.

Executive Recruitment

If you demand the best in the healthcare industry, then partner with Paragon to peruse the most experienced senior medical veterans. Our comprehensive, end-to-end executive recruitment service helps you fill important roles with support every step of the way, keeping your niche medical specialty requirements at heart. By conducting deep market research, tapping into our extensive referral network, and leveraging proven executive search techniques, you’re guaranteed to find the best senior for the job – every time – with Paragon by your side.

Telehealth Services

Even before the pandemic, telehealth began to emerge as a faster, easier, and more convenient way for patients to access the medical care they need. And now, Paragon Medics can support your facility or practice in delivering state-of-the-art telehealth medical services, with a long list of qualified and experienced GPs, specialists, and junior doctors. Let our specialised medical workforce reduce your waiting times by up to 95%, promising fast and informed medical advice to patients when they need it. Reduced no-shows and streamlined clinical management are par for the course.

Roster Management

Like any medical practice or facility, we’re sure that long-term, reliable locum doctors are your priority. By outsourcing your roster to Paragon, you can confidently pinpoint gaps in your workforce planning, while accurately predicting what locum healthcare professionals you’ll be needing in the next few months. We can’t wait to make you our next success story – easing the pressure of running a locum medical workforce for good.