Paragon Medics has been helping Doctors find the most rewarding locum jobs for 20 years of combined experience across all seniorities and subspecialties.

Healthcare Executive

Explore your Healthcare Executive jobs

We can provide you with rewarding and exclusive Healthcare Executive Locum and Permanent jobs as well as subspecialty roles that match your areas of expertise.

We have locum jobs and permanent jobs available across all of Australia in both Public and Private settings from metro cities and coastal beach towns to rural and remote communities

Locum and Permanent Healthcare Executive Opportunities

Should you be seeking the flexibility of locum work or searching for a permanent opportunity, our consultants will provide you with personalised advice, negotiate contracts and organise all travel and accommodation requirements if applicable.

Healthcare Executive Subspecialties

We recruit for a range of Healthcare Executive roles including:

  • Director of Medical Services (DMS)

We recruit in the following subspecialty areas:

  • Public and Private Hospitals

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Salary Expectations

The below pay rates and salary guides are based on current market offering and must take into account an individual's seniority and experience, in addition to the location and role requirements

Permanent Director of Medical Services (DMS) can expect salaries of $300,000 - $500,000+ per annum

Locum Director of Medical Services (DMS) can expect pay rates of $2,000 - $3,000 per day

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