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Recruitment Partner

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About Adrian

​Adrian became a vital part of the Paragon Medics team in 2022, stepping into the role of Recruitment Assistant for the Locum Division in Australia. Infusing the position with a distinctive blend of skills and genuine passion, Adrian has quickly become an integral member of our corporate family.

With a background in Financial Management, Adrian stumbled upon the recruitment sector in 2016, and to everyone's delight, found an unexpected calling. Over the past six years, he has diligently cultivated expertise in recruitment, evolving into a valuable asset within the Paragon team. In this dynamic field, Adrian acknowledges the perpetual learning curve and eagerly anticipates further expanding his knowledge in sourcing and recruitment.

Adrian's professional drive is rooted in the satisfaction derived from placing individuals in roles where they can fulfil their aspirations. This passion and expertise are now set to make a significant impact within our growing organisation.

Beyond the corporate landscape, Adrian enjoys a well-rounded life, with hobbies that include spending quality time with family and friends, savouring movies, relishing good food, and embarking on leisurely drives. Adrian places immense value on cherishing moments with loved ones, seamlessly blending his professional dedication with the joys of everyday life.