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5 Reasons why to locum in Australia

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An increasing number of healthcare providers are looking for locum doctors to join their staffing teams today. There has been a shift in the uptake of locum vacancies, in comparison to the pre-pandemic years where locum spend was scrutinised and deemed as a last resort. Hospitals and other healthcare institutions rely on specialist doctor agencies to meet the ever-rising demands.

If you are a doctor looking for work across Australia, you have a wealth of opportunities waiting for you in locum work. Being a locum doctor is a great career option as it offers extraordinary career benefits without binding you to a rigid 9 to 5 schedule. 

As a locum doctor, you act as a temporary doctor or a substitute to a regular doctor, generally providing cover for a vacant post, covering sickness or annual leave. You may fill a position for days, weeks or even months. Moreover, you get to work and explore various locations across Australia, from rural outback communities, to metro cities and coastal beach towns. The opportunities and adventures are limitless.

Here are some benefits of choosing to work as a locum doctor in Australia today:

  • Flexible schedule — Perhaps the most enticing benefit to being a locum doctor is the flexibility that comes with it. Assignments tend to be short term, giving you a choice in the type of work you do and the number of days you can commit. This is especially beneficial to doctors who wish to work locum alongside other work commitments. Your agency contact should provide you with consultative advice on the best locum jobs that meet your specific requirements

  • Career independence — Locum shifts tend to be short, giving you the opportunity to experience a variety of jobs and exploring Australia at the same time! Many doctors take up locum work to explore working in different healthcare settings or locations to see what suits them the best. You can end up finding a role you may want to work permanently or learn new techniques and skills that can be applied in your other work settings

  • Financial incentives — Great locum work comes with its financial perks. Locum doctors are generally paid higher than substantive doctors in Australia, and this figure increases depending on the location and the type of work. Moreover, locum doctors often enjoy perks, such as subsidised meals, premium accomodation options - often within walking distance to work, hire cars and fully paid return travel. Your agency contact should be best equipped in negotiating you the best perks for your locum assignment

  • Professional development and training — Whether you work locum shifts on the side of your regular job or are a permanent locum doctor, you have exclusive opportunities to access hands on learning in prime hospitals and work alongside highly sought after specialists. Locum work offers you intricate on-the-job training that will grow your expertise and hone your skill set

  • Opportunity to travel — Locum work projects can take you all over Australia - from coastal, rural and outback locations to the hustle of the big cities. It helps break the monotony of a rigid schedule while offering new experiences

The locum life has it all. Learning experiences, work-life balance, great pay, flexibility, stability, and most importantly, potential for new experiences every day.

If you believe life as a locum doctor is the change your medical career needs right now, get in touch with Paragon Medics to land your next locum role. 

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